My Apologies.

I love my children very much but 90% of the time my nerves are always on edge. Whether it be figuring out what we’re going to eat today, or because I have two toddlers screaming at me, or each other, it gets very frustrating.

This mom thing is still fairly new to me, so I don’t always catch the clues that my babies are frustrated because they’re getting sleepy, or they’re in pain because another pair of teeth are filling in.

The point I’m trying to make is, even though I try to be a perfect parent, I still fall short, which is natural because I’m only human.

My nerves are stretched so thin, that I forget so many things, and the tiniest things, can push me over the edge. For instance; 

I overslept, now the kids will be up late.  

May result in mental break.

The kids are screaming because I can’t get food prepared fast enough.

Definite mental break.

The kids are refusing to take a nap, but I want to be alone and now the pets want attention.

Total meltdown.

You get the point.

It’s hard enough trying to make sure the twins don’t kill each other over a toy or a plastic spoon, but then you add chores into the mix, and it can be overwhelming. All of that doesn’t leave me much time or energy for my own creativity, which just happens to be an absolute necessity for my sanity.

Without my writing I wouldn’t know how to cope. I imagine I would find myself staring around lost, pointlessly wondering what to do.

So I want to sincerely apologize to everyone who has ever came by our home, and it smelled like baby diapers and cat liter, and for things not being neat and tidy, how I would absolutely love for them to be.

Even if I didn’t answer your phone call or text message till three hours later or perhaps even the next day, I am deeply sorry, I probably forgot while I was trying to console an irrationally emotional toddler.

So my apologies. I’m not the perfect mom or person but, I promise I will try to do better.


By the way, if this image made you want to listen to Justin Bieber here you go. It’s okay, you can hate me for it. Justin Bieber. Sorry.

2 thoughts on “My Apologies.”

  1. No apology necessary! Welcome to parenthood! Everything that is happening is supposed to happen, you are coping with it as best as you can, but guess what ? It will get better with time, everyone will learn each other’s wants and needs and things will go a little smoother. Parenting is a tremendous job, there is a lot of responsibility, you started off with two , 75% of the population only have one to deal with, you should give yourself a pat on the back . You have come far and you are doing an excellent job, keep it up !

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    1. Thank you so much Linda! I certainly am trying my best! it just seems like people tend notice everything you haven’t been able to accomplish versus everything you have, and I just had to rant about it. 🙂


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