A Morbid Reminder of Life’s Finity

Usually I post positive messages, but as we all learn life isn’t always full of happiness and positivity, things happen, and sometimes the world shows us things we shouldn’t have to see. So if you are in a particularly good mood I wouldn’t bother reading this. But if you do let this message be a reminder to always live your best life now, instead of later.

who am I

I am fast, I am quick
I am slow, I am Dreadful
I am loud and dramatic
Or I can be quiet and deceitful
I come on Swift Wings
I come in slow pricks
I come in all ways I have no
preference For which.
I am someone you must encounter
One way or the other
You can not escape me,
For I slip from one place to another
I stalk your paths,  I watch your tracks.
I count your seconds, and minutes,
I know your past.
I have seen your past and your future
For it was given to me to make
It so.
I can be your friend, but most,
they call Me their foe.
Most do fear me,  afraid I’ll come too quick
Because I can take everything away in
the second of a clock’s tick
So who am I,  who am I you say,
You might meet me tomorrow, next month,
Or today.
I assure you though, that we will meet.
I welcome you with open arms. I do not discriminate.
You could be young or old
Or have just met your mate,
You can not get rid of me
For I am your fate.


 signed- A morbid twelve year old 

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